Qset is a Business consulting company providing BI software solutions and implementation services to its customers at the verticals of Retail Services, HightTec, Financial institutes, Transportations, Infrastructure, Constructions, Medical suppliers, Manufacturers etc.
We focus 100% on BI and excel at the design and implementation of business intelligence solutions.
During the years the company has acquired vast experience in implementing BI projects within mid and large size organizations.

We believe that the combination of deep business knowledge and understanding along with a huge technical experience is the winning solution and a key factor our customers expecting for.
Qset is a Tableau Partner located in Israel. We're proud to provide our customers an end-to-end solutions including the product and platform, our know-how in business improvement and management along with implementation services for a long term business excellence.

For any additional information, Pleast contact us at info@qset.co.il
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